The I Luv Couture Collection Set of 13

The I Luv Couture Collection Set of 13

Set of all 13 I Luv Couture Collection Paintings in 11 x 14 sizes


These paintings are the artist’s interpretation of the famous Olive Oyl created in 1919. They bring a new perspective of this unusual comic character. The artist shows how Olive Oyl would look as Audrey Hepburn, Mona Lisa and The Girl With the Pearl Earring. Some have costume earrings, and all have Swarovski crystals.

The collection of 13 originals are painted on 16″ X 20″ museum board. They are finished on all four sides , and can be hung without framing.

The giclee prints are a limited edition of 200 and are printed on fine watercolor paper. They are available for purchase individually or as a complete set of 13. ┬áThe Giclee prints are 11″ X 14″ and fit in a standard frame.