About Michael Stapler

Michael Stapler Artist with familyMichael Stapler is intrigued by figures that have shaped pop culture. His paintings transport admirers to another less complicated place in their heads. Art like this has the ability to change our perspective on reality, if even for a few moments. Michael uses paint, glazes and collage in various pictorial combinations. The Stapler Collection Sets are captivating in their striking display of color and sparkle.

Michael Stapler was born in Philadelphia PA where he starred in football and track at Central High, a boys public school.  Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and after serving his stint in the US Army, he started a decorative fabric business.  He used his artistic skills to design textiles for home furnishings.

While in the fabric business, he used his creativity to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a charity to whichMichael Stapler Artist in Florida he is deeply committed. Michael creates numerous paintings for the MS Society which are used as invitations and for fund raising.

Michael has continued to explore his lifelong interest in art during his retirement.  His style is whimsical with a feeling of pop art. He uses vivid colors to paint comic characters and various icons. A joyful attitude dominates his lighthearted works..

Michael’s Art Students

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